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The Behavioral Assessment (BA) provides insight on an individual’s motivations and drives and is predictive of how that person will communicate, make decisions, manage risk and delegate in the workplace. When combined with a Job Assessment and a Cognitive Assessment, you’ll have all you’ll need to know to make the most strategic hiring and structuring decisions.

The Predictive Index software platform is available to all annually-subscribed clients and offers unlimited use of the assessments for candidates, employees, and jobs, enabling managers to make more informed decisions for hiring and talent development. PI’s “Dream Teams Design” tool gives you the power to improve any team’s likelihood to succeed – by assessing the team’s strategic goals and collective behavioral identity, to predict where the team is suited to succeed and where they’ll need support. It reinvents the way teams develop self-awareness, collaborate, align, and tackle goals.

Practical Alchemy offers an advanced curriculum of management training and people-empowerment workshops, ensuring that the data-insights are integrated into the cultural fabric of your organization. These workshops are tailored to meet the needs of each level of your organization — C-level leadership, managers, and junior staff that make-up your workforce — and create a common language so that every employee is positioned for success.