Challenge Perception

Challenge Perception

Challenge: Something perceived as an obstacle or an opportunity. You choose. 

Let’s be clear, this isn’t to say that a challenge isn’t…. challenging. ⁠

Honoring your experience (fears, tears, or whatever else appears) when a challenge arises is key to stepping into empowerment! ⁠

Giving yourself the space to be with all of the emotions, perceptions, and stories your mind is creating; this is where your power sits!⁠

Because all those things you’re feeling, they are bits of data informing you about the belief system you’re operating from – and if that system sees challenges as obstacles, so will you. ⁠

It’s what you choose to do next that matters.⁠

Choose opportunity. ⁠

Choose you. ⁠

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I started working with Leilany when I was struggling with a stressful work situation and seeking more balance. She has a very genuine, caring nature and she gave me practical tools to help me navigate difficult circumstances in my life. I’m so grateful to have found her and highly recommended her work!

Gloria - San Diego