It’s not about learning to find your power; it’s about learning to use it. 

You could keep looking externally for a sense of power.
For feeling better.
For validation.
For meaning.
For joy.

Or, you could look within and practice using your power to guide your life.

I often hear clients talk about how wise, knowledgable, or inspiring someone else (often a guru or public figure) is; how those other people are living incredible and courageous and instagramable lives…. and if only they could do the same.

I know immediately that I’m working with someone who is suffering from a lack of being tapped into their own power, or even aware of it!

Can you imagine what it’d be like to reach the end of your life and suddenly discover that you had had limitless potential?
To know that if you had followed your dreams a little longer, with a little more belief in yourself, you would have reached them?
That you could have spent more time feeling joyful, excited, grateful, peaceful, inspiring, ALIVE!

Spoiler alert: all of that is already true for you, RIGHT NOW.

The only thing standing between you, and that incredible life you WANT to live, are your beliefs about yourself.
Isn’t it time you change that?

You’ve already got the power, are you using it?⁠

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I started working with Leilany when I was struggling with a stressful work situation and seeking more balance. She has a very genuine, caring nature and she gave me practical tools to help me navigate difficult circumstances in my life. I’m so grateful to have found her and highly recommended her work!

Gloria - San Diego